# How to use script in Dev function

How to edit script?

Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a map in Dev Mode

Step 2: Click the last icon on upper right corner脚本图标

Step 3: Click the left script button to open the script editor脚本图标

Step 4: Click the Script Set on the right, then click New Script, to edit your script.

Step 5: Don't forget to save by clicking the save icon on the upper left corner. Switch to Play Mode to execute script.脚本图标

Clear out script

How to delete all script at once?

In the script edit interface, tab on the bin icon to clear out all current script.脚本图标

Load script

How to import script?

In the script edit interface, tab on the folder icon to import the script from your device.脚本图标

Gif demonstration

It doesn't matter if you're too lazy to read, just look at the gif:


Last Update: 4/15/2020, 6:29:50 PM